Rain Erosion

Within our cooperation with Airbus CRT SurfLabX operates the Airbus CRT Pulsating Jet Erosion Test Rig (PJET) for various research and characterization topics.

Rain erosion tests according to ISO/TS 19392-3:2018-04

Impact frequency of water jet segments

40 Hz

Jet impact speed

up to 225 m/s

Water jet front diameter

~2 mm

Impact angles

20° – 90°

The PJET, a testing method inspired by test rigs at Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory, simulates water droplet impacts by propelling high-pressure water through a 0.8 mm nozzle to form a focused water jet. This jet is segmented by a rotating disc with 10 mm holes at 20 Hz, generating segments with a 40 Hz impact frequency to mimic conditions experienced by aircraft surfaces during heavy rain at 225 m/s and a rainfall rate of 25 mm/h.

The setup includes pulsating stabilization and a nozzle-sample distance of 60 mm. The water jet speed is adjustable via water pressure and up to 225 m/s. The sample, mounted on a programmable YZ stage, can be moved in a grid pattern and angled variably to the jet, enhancing test precision. Water film formation is prevented by using a nozzle that expels 3-bar pressurized air to disperse the water on the sample effectively.