Our Research and Development Efforts

The section Publications and Patents features publications and patents that include contributions from members of the SurfLabX team.

Disclaimer: Please note that not all listed publications and patents were developed as part of SurfLabX projects. Many reflect the past contributions of individual team members during their tenure with previous employers. The collections are intended to demonstrate the innovative capabilities and the commitment to scientific rigor of our team members. Our aim is to assure customers of the high level of expertise and meticulousness they can expect in their engagements with us. For detailed information on author affiliations, the patent applicant and the projects, please access the official publication pages, respectively the official patent pages through the provided and hyperlinked DOI numbers, respectively patent number.

Our company is deeply involved in large-scale public projects, including those supported by European funding, which significantly boosts our research and development efforts. By engaging in these initiatives, we innovate and refine our processes, ensuring we stay ahead in a competitive market.

Through collaboration efforts like these we advance our own capabilities but also contribute to a broader technological and economic progress in European innovation.