Development, Testing and Rapid Prototyping for
Aerodynamic efficient Surface Technologies (AEST)

Are you interested in testing the limits of your innovative surfaces, paints and prototypes?

We make it happen: Anti- and De Icing, Contamination, Sand and Rain Erosion, Abrasion, Heat Resistance, and more!

Development and Certification

We also support you in your development and certification of materials, methods and entire systems in the area of aerodynamic efficient surface technologies (AEST).

Do you need fast answers?

With a small scale icing wind tunnel and the large number of available test methods we can rapidly screen your technologies and ideas.​

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Vercillo, V. & Alamri, S. et al., Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 7, 2001231

About SurfLabX

SurfLabX GmbH was founded in 2021 by former colleagues of the Materials Department of Airbus Central Research and Technology (Airbus CRT). The team consists of science focussed engineers with a wide range of academic backgrounds such as materials, industrial, mechanical and nanotech engineering, and physical chemistry, surface science, computer science and business. Over the past decade the entrepreneurs specialized in laminar surface technology, materials and processes, ice protection systems for small, medium and large aircraft, industrial manufacturing technology, image processing and programming. Before founding SurfLabX, the team accumulated following notable achievements:

  • Design, development and testing of demonstrators and novel methods (eg. electrical anti- and deicing systems, surface treatments, icing simulation tools)
  • Support of flight tests (FlightLab#3 A350, BLADE A340)
  • 20+ Public funded projects
  • 15+ Patents
  • 20+ Scientific Publications
  • 20+ Conference Publications
  • 5+ international Awards

Driven by the relevance of the technologies they managed during their time at Airbus and a high demand for surface technology development and testing expertise from many industry sectors, SurfLabX GmbH is striving for a more sustainable future. SurfLabX provides services to industry, research institutes and academia.

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