enabling accelerated product development in
Aerodynamic Efficient Surface Technologies

Drawing from our expertise at Airbus, managing technologies and responding to widespread industry demand for advanced surface technology solutions, the SurfLabX team is dedicated to advancing sustainability. Our services cater to industry, research, and academia, providing cutting-edge surface technology development and testing expertise.

Are you interested in testing the limits of your innovative surfaces, paints and prototypes?

We make it happen: Ice Accretion, Anti- and De Icing, Ice Cube, Rain Erosion, Sand Erosion, Acoustic Analysis, Innovative Solutions and more!

Development and Certification

We also support you in your development and certification of materials, methods and entire systems in the area of Aerodynamic Efficient Surface Technologies (AEST).

Do you need fast answers?

With a small scale icing wind tunnel and the large number of available test methods we can rapidly screen your technologies and ideas.​

Try your technology limits now and contact us via info@surflabx.com​

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